Morning Cup of Joe – August 5, 2011

Faith without works is DEAD! What does this incredibly powerful phrase mean?

You fumble through your keys looking for the one that opens your front door. Grocery bags in hand you eventually gain entry to your castle as you struggle towards the kitchen only to find that the dog decided to have your favorite pair of shoes for dinner. Hours pass and it’s time to retire from this exhaustive day. You prepare one last glass of wine to help take the edge off. You’ve finally settled in and before you pull the covers over you, on bended knees, you say your usual prayer.

And that’s where most people stop. They say their prayers and expect God to magically or mystically fix their problems. That is what I call blind hope. You hope something happens and worst, you expect it to just show up but you aren’t doing anything to make sure that it does. Understand this, when you pray, your answer is already there. You simply have to meet it half-way. You have to take ownership, get up and diligently work towards finding and executing possible solutions to your problem. That’s how it works.

Faith without Works is Dead. You have faith, clearly because you’ve faithfully prayed every night expecting a miracle daily. That is what I call false hope. What about the works? Are your working toward that which you seek? Most people want what they are not willing to work for. They pray for it to appear and are upset when it doesn’t. Not once blaming themselves for their own demise. When we don’t have, it’s because we aren’t doing enough to get it and we’ve simply given up on it. Perseverance plays a critically important role in this equation. Praying is only 50% of your answer, the other 50% is obviously Work. Just go after it, it’s waiting for you!

To The Top!
Joe Paul

2 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – August 5, 2011”

  1. well said. I’ve actually had no hesitation with the works but my faith sometimes wain. what this reminded me is how powerful my results can be if I include the confidence that i use to get what I want but trust it to God (ie Faith) to get me what i want/need in the right time and amount. Or not to be disappointed if all my works comes up null because I included faith in the equation and God is faithful.

    1. Lynne! You hit the nail on the head! It should be an equal balance of work and faith. Work as hard as you believe and the results will always be incredible!

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