Morning Cup of Joe – August 9, 2011

Rule #2: Eliminate the apostrophe T.

We program ourselves to think a particular way simply based on what we tell ourselves. Our words have incredible power. The self-conversations we have along with how we perceive ourselves are keys to gaining a bullet-proof mentality and increasing our confidence overall. We talk ourselves out of situations simply because we think we cannot do it nor do we believe that we can see it through to the end. We restrict ourselves from imminent blessings simply because we refuse to accept the fact that we deserve such blessings.

While we can argue whether we may or may not deserve certain blessings, that should not keep you from believing that you’re entitled to it. Entitled to the same great life you fantasize about daily. The fastest way to realize your dreams is to simply eliminate the apostrophe T. Eliminate words that end with apostrophe T from your lexicon. Words like can’t, won’t and don’t should top the list. Stop using these words.

Many people make it a habit of saying they can’t do something before they even try it. Imagine if the then Senator Obama campaigned with “No We Can’t.” President Obama realized the unlimited power of eliminating the apostrophe T and made history with his campaign motto; “Yes We Can”. He along with countless others believed and walked purposefully towards his Presidency accepting the fact that they absolutely can and they absolutely did. That is the same fervor you must show towards accomplishing any goal; believe that you can and you inevitably will.

How do you know if you can or can’t do something if you don’t even try? Exactly Right, You don’t.

To The Top,
Joe Paul

6 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – August 9, 2011”

  1. The human body can do so much more than the brain will allow. Joe is right. If you just think you CAN do something it’s almost already done.

    1. Mr. Phillips,
      You hit the nail on the head! “The human body can do so much more than the brain will allow.” We determine our limitations, only if we accept the fact that we have limitations. When we realize that our greatest limitation is the self-talk we give to ourselves, we can eliminate the negative input to ultimately create a positive output.

      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

  2. I love the message for today 8/9/2011, this is so very true. I know that in the past I have talked myself out of a lot of things. I also know that because of past mistakes and guilt that I have carried behind them, I have felt that I did not deserve to have certain things in my life. I was my own worst enemy. So I know that a lot of people can relate to this message and I know that it can help if they chose to listen to the words, and know that they are not the only ones that feel this. Keep doing what you are doing Joe Paul!

    1. Angel,
      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment! You are absolutely correct, everything has to do with choices. I’m glad you chose to share.
      Joe Paul

    1. L. Pruitt!
      Your thoughtful compliments are encouraging. Thank you for visiting the site! I sincerely appreciate your feedback and please feel free to visit often.
      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

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