Morning Cup of Joe – August 15, 2011

Separate Yourself From The Herd.

Growth occurs when you remove barriers that surround you. By barriers, I am referring to the foes dressed as friends. The type of “friend(s)” with a healthy appetite; is allergic to work; and rarely brings anything to the table. The type of “friend” who never offers possible solutions but share their problems effortlessly. Please be clear; I am not saying to not be a friend to others. Simply, if problems are all this person adds to your life then you may have to consider moving forward without them. Negativity and negative people interrupt the ebb and flow of your path towards success.

When one is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease which requires doctors to remove a tumor, without hesitation that tumor is removed. End result, a life saved. You are the doctor in control of this operation; Operation Success. Much like the doctor, you too must remove those cancerous people in your life in order to reach your full potential. It’s the law of inertia, you are trying to move forward and they are holding you back. In this case and much like reality, you are at a standstill. Cut the dead weight in order to push forward. Eliminate the negative friends and multiply the positive ones to equal certain success. Simple Mathematics.

Keep in mind one fact, birds of a feather flock together. Simply put, you are and will become who you choose to hang around with. If you are the best person in your group, consider joining a new group. The people around you should challenge you to be better. It is unrealistic to expect to reach the top if you remain around those who are comfortable with being grounded. Be the bird bold enough to spread its wings and fly. Fear is not and never will be a factor and neither is failure an option.

Separate yourself from the herd; that’s the only way you are ever going to get ahead.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

4 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – August 15, 2011”

  1. Hey I love this post Joe…I truly agree that we have full ownership of how much drama we let into our lives and mine has been less than 2% since I’ve minded the people I hang with.

    I’ve got a question though…do you suggest always having a candid yet tactful conversation, informing the person of the reason you are cutting ties…or does it just depend on the depth of the relationship?


    1. Great Question Ms. Wade!
      I suggest being up front with this person and informing them of the reason(s) why, which is simply, you can not get to where you are going if they remain where they are. Notice I said “they”. If they aren’t willing to focus on success rather than failure than you must move forward without them. However, if this person means something to you, take their hand and show them the way. Do not continue to support their behavior by being a willing ear. Encourage them to constantly focus on the silver lining much like you have. Friends are few and far in between, try to salvage the friendship by offering to them what has been so good to you. If they receive it, GREAT! If by chance they don’t, then you know its time to move forward or choose to stay behind with your “friend”.

      Forward Progress Only!

      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

  2. I agree just as bad company disrupts good character; bad or an unmotivated crowd can ruin fulfillment of goals.

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