Morning Cup of Joe – August 18, 2011

Bumps in the road.

You have a presentation fifteen minutes from your home at 9am in the morning and are as prepared as you can be. Your checklist has been checked twice, your materials are all accounted for and your speech is memorized. You are ready. Morning breaks and your confidence is still intact. With checklist in hand you try to start your car. The sound of two thousand rattle snakes trapped under your hood begins to scream out. The car battery is dead. Overnight, you forgot to unplug your phone charger and it sucked the battery dry.

Rightfully so, most people would panic in this situation and at some point or another we have all experienced some variance of this story. You’ve prepared for something expecting a favorable outcome and something goes wrong in the process. Do you call and cancel the presentation? Or do you grab your bike and sweat your way to the presentation? Whatever your answer may be, eventually you would figure out a way to solve your issue.

My life experience has taught me to expect obstacles on the way to the top. That’s how you build character and it truly makes it worth it in the end. You must be willing to outlast the problem. You must be willing to commit to solving the issue. Notice I said willing and not able. Simply because you are already able. You possess the necessary tools to do anything! Well maybe not anything, but certainly something that you do is better than anyone else. That’s your gift, use it.

There are so many factors playing against us in hopes of aiding in the attempt to halt our dream realizations. At all times, remain focused on the end result.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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