A Special Message To Parents

A Special Message to Parents concerning their child’s education.

Parents, today is the day you can choose to positively affect change for your child. Today is the day you can begin the habit of asking them about their day at school and actually listen intently while they share. Today is the day when you can decide to devote necessary hours toward their academics instead of your favorite reality show. Today is the day when you can take an interest in your child’s education and not depend on anyone else to. Today is the day.

Many parents rely on the failing public school system to prepare their child for “the future”. Parents must realize that this particular responsibility is theirs and does not belong to the school board, the principal or the teacher. The responsibility is yours and it’s truly up to you. The number of hours parents spend teaching and learning with their children outside of the classroom directly correlates to the engagement the child has in his own education. Studies have found that children with parents who spend more time at home reviewing homework are far more successful in the classroom than children with parents who do not.

There are parents who will argue that they don’t have time or that it’s the teachers’ job. I say to those parents, we make time for people and things that are important to us. Nothing should be more important to a parent than the success of their children. Every parent should want the best for their child but it shouldn’t stop at the want. Talk with your children, teach them valuable lessons outside of the classroom and you’ll create a world of possibilities for them.

Nowadays our public school educational curriculums are based on standardized tests interrupting the creative process that a teacher must experience in order to connect to their classrooms. We cannot blame the teachers. In fact, we cannot blame anyone or anything. Instead, start today and take an interest in your child’s life. While this may not apply to all parents, we all know of so many for who it does. It truly takes a village. Now more than ever, children need guidance. Some of them are seeking guidance from images from the television you are allowing to raise your child.

Start today, there’s a child waiting for you to show them the way.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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