Morning Cup of Joe – August 30, 2011

Believe it, THEN See it!

I know it may seem a little backwards but this is the way it actually works. We have heard countless people say “I got to see it to believe it” or “When I see it, I’ll believe it”. These same people most likely never saw the thing they had to see to believe. Interestingly enough, had they believed that they were going to see it, it would’ve been right there. Several seconds before the click that precedes the loud bang from a Starter, what do you suppose is going through the mind of an Olympian? Do you think these athletes believe that they will win or lose? Whichever the athlete believes, they’re right.

The fact of the matter is your thoughts become things. That which we allow to occupy our minds is what we are manifesting into our lives. Although our thoughts become things, they do not happen on their own. Most of our actions are primarily based on our belief system. You do not have to see it to believe it, believe it and you absolutely will see it. There is something that happens in the universe that allows the stars to align in order to grant us what we believe in most. Reevaluate your belief system and what you have allowed to control your thoughts. Start unequivocally believing in your dreams, and see what happens. Do not be misled, belief alone is not enough. You must meet your beliefs halfway by exerting effort into the achievement of your dreams.

Condition your brain to universally believe without fail. Condition your mind to think thoughts that are relative to your dreams and aspirations thereby creating a magnetic field of attraction kinetically drawing those things into your life. How? The unwavering belief many have in God, although we have never seen Him, must also be the same belief system shared in our dreams unseen. We must believe first that we can accomplish our goals and realize our dreams before we can see them. Your belief system dictates your ultimate outcomes. If you think you are beaten, you already are. If you believe you can win, you absolutely can.

What you believe, so shall you see.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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