Morning Cup of Joe – The Gift

Tomorrow is not promised.

The sun begins to peek its head through your window all the while you prepare to press the snooze button for a record ten times. This morning, like so many others, you lack the enthusiasm necessary to face the day. You slowly drag yourself out of bed with little excitement. Your sloth like movements is an indication of how your day will inevitably turn out. Slow and steady may not win this particular race.

What so many fail to realize is that there are countless people who didn’t make it to see this day. It is critically important that you are thankful for each day you are gifted. I say gifted and not given because each day truly is a gift and not a promise. No one is promised tomorrow which is why it is imperative that we maximize our minutes daily. We certainly don’t know what lies ahead yet if we are enthusiastic about whatever it may be, the thing that lies ahead will respond reciprocally.

Embrace the day with enthusiasm. When you wake up, pardon me, if you wake up remember to greet the day with a feverish exhilaration. Wake up with excitement, jump out of bed and say thank you. You clearly have a purpose in life. The discovery of your purpose will be delayed if you continue to exert negative energy towards the universe. Although you may not be excited, remember the ones who were not as fortunate to make it to see another day. It’s not the amount of time we are given on this earth that matters, how we use that time is of greater significance. Be thankful for the life you have been given and be a gift to someone else.

Although we don’t deserve it, He thinks enough of us to give us another chance at getting closer to our dreams by waking us up daily. Treat every day like the gifts they are and watch as your purpose unwraps.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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