Morning Cup of Joe – The Five Senses

During the week around seven in the evening I anticipate receiving a phone call from one of my nephews. Since we live in different states, one of the ways we stay connected are through our daily conversations. Several weeks ago he returned to school after a fun-filled summer break. Each day Michael calls his favorite Uncle; at least I’d like to think so, and updates me on his daily activities. During our most recent conversation, I asked Michael to share what he had learned that day. He replied with zeal, “We learned about the five senses Uncle!” He proudly explained each of the five senses to me and it wasn’t long before it hit me.

All too often we focus our energy on the “things” we do not have. We spend time obsessing over the lack in our lives rarely allowing an opportunity to be thankful for what we do have. The measure of success is individually defined. Success is not determined by the things we have but what we do with those things. When Michael ran down the list of our five senses, I began to understand the true meaning of appreciation. The constant pursuit of “stuff” obscures our view of the importance of simply appreciating life and appreciating what we are blessed with.

If we can read this message; speak with our friends about it; listen while they share their feedback; see it from their point of view and touch a life in the process then we must express our infinite gratitude. It is the things we do not regard as gifts that are truly gifts. Take a minute right now to appreciate your senses. Do not take for granted the simple blessings in life. The fact that you are on this side of the dirt is reason enough to celebrate daily. You already have what you think you need to be successful. Make it happen.

Remember that there are some who “make it” with four or less senses, what’s your excuse?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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