Morning Cup of Joe – The First Step

It has been over two hundred and seventy-nine days since you started. You don’t know whether you will stay standing or fall to the ground but you continue to try anyway. You’ve watched others do it with ease, yet you continue to doubt if you will experience a similar outcome. They monitor your every move intent on capturing this historic moment. The extended arm of the trusted couch awaits yours as you pull yourself from the ground. Mission accomplished. Not quite, you are only half-way there. While you are standing, silence envelopes the room as it begins to transpire. The crowd bursts with jubilee; you’ve just taken your first steps. Evolution.

There are valuable lessons to be learned from witnessing a child take their first steps. Primarily, every time they fell while attempting to walk; they got back up and tried again. They tried and tried again until they reached their desired results; never considering quitting as an option. If you want to walk all over your problems then you must learn to get back up and face them head on. You must learn to keep trying until you discover what has been waiting for you to show up all along. We will fall down, that is inevitable. What is not guaranteed is whether you will get back up. I have news for you; you control that outcome. It does not matter how many times we fall, it’s the times we get back up that counts.

As a child, you learned to stare fear square in the eyes and conquer it. You learned to pick yourself up off the ground and stand tall; literally. You learned that if you want something bad enough you must be willing to go after it and keep chasing it until you finally get it. Your blessing is closer than you think. Either it will slow down so you can catch up or you will speed up to catch up to it. Nothing will happen if you don’t take the first step. GO GET IT! Remember, before you could utter your first sentence you were a conqueror; why have you allowed this to change?

What happened to the child who dared to stand and take their first steps, even if it meant falling down? Channel your inner-child and walk in the understanding that you were born to win.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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