Morning Cup of Joe – Winners vs Losers

There aren’t many folks who enter a competition innately expecting to lose. While this may seem obvious, many people actually believe they will lose before throwing their hat in a race. The issue isn’t with the fact that most people count themselves out before jumping in, it’s that we don’t learn from the losses. There is something to be said about learning a lesson after each experience no matter the outcome; win or lose.

The greatest difference between a win and a loss is the lesson you choose to learn from that particular experience. Just because you win doesn’t meant there aren’t lessons to be learned. A couple of key questions that deserves an answer after a disappointing loss are “why” and “what”. If you ask “why” this particular situation ended up the way it did and “what” you could’ve done differently then you are less likely to repeat those errors that initially contributed to the loss. The same formula works with a win. Visionaries are quick learners and always ask what they can do differently that will yield different results.

Losers are devastated after a loss while winners understand that in order to conquer the world it takes winning one battle at a time. Losers fight battles they know they can win while winners understand the importance of accepting a challenge; great or small. Losers fight until they are tired and winners fight until they’ve won. Every experience has a lesson. Learn to understand the key differences and similarities between your wins and your losses and you will be able to have a greater influence on your outcomes.

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how you analyze and execute the game.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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