Morning Cup of Joe – Change Happens

You know it will happen yet you cannot prepare for it. It occurs daily, hourly, in fact every second it happens. Throughout your day you experience this and throughout your life it will continue to transpire. This is perhaps the one thing, no matter how hard you try, you cannot avoid. What I am talking about is change. Change is inevitable, we can all attest to this fact.

Change brings about new opportunities for you to grow and learn. While many of us have accepted that change will happen in our lives, countless others struggle to adjust. Do not join nor create a group of whiners, complainers and nonsolutionist. No, nonsolutionist is not a word yet I will define it for you. A nonsolutionist is one who always finds fault with change and never offers up any solutions. Adjust the way you view change. Understand and accept the fact that change can potentially be good. Do not block your blessings by being resistant to change.

Think about a time when change was necessary. A good example is a failed relationship or a negative work environment. Many people choose to stay where they are because they are afraid of change and have developed a level of comfort. Winners are never comfortable. Winners are always in search of more. Winners are imaginative, creative, and are hungry! Winners understand that change is inevitable and are able to accept and adjust accordingly. It isn’t the change so much that influences your outcomes; it’s how you choose to react to the change. Your reactions should be one of pure acceptance. Accept the fact that change will happen and watch as opportunities become clearer to you.

Remember, the only thing constant is change.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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