Morning Cup of Joe – You Are Blessed

With arms stretched wide towards the sky followed by a cat like yawn, you welcome the day. At that moment we are faced with a choice; whether to greet the day positively or continue to allow our problems to cloud our judgment and negatively influence our progress. As we prepare to start our daily regimen, some of us will in fact proceed to greet the day unenthusiastically. Others will try to convince themselves that tomorrow will be the day when they start to work on improving themselves. The rest of us understand the importance of living each day to the fullest.

For so many, today never seems to become the tomorrow they talked about yesterday. You can talk about it and it may sound real good but without action your words become filled with emptiness. Stop talking about it and start being about it. You cannot reasonably expect that things will change in the future if you aren’t doing anything to affect that change today. Some things naturally don’t happen overnight; I believe that dreams fall into this category. I also believe that we can speed up the process of dream actualization if we invest necessary time and effort into ensuring that they come true.

We must fully take advantage of the days we are blessed with. If we are on this side of the dirt we can absolutely influence the change we wish to see in our lives while maintaining the understanding that so many were not afforded the opportunity to embrace another day. You watch the same news stories I try to avoid yet each day we all witnesses the stories of countless people who simply will not make it to see tomorrow. It is imperative that we understand how blessed we truly are; stop taking life for granted. Every day we are blessed to see is another opportunity afforded to us to work on our vision, goals and objectives.

Use each day to get closer to your dreams.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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