Morning Cup of Joe – It Takes Time

It has now been three days since he has seen the light of day. He has not been able to sleep and his diet over the past few days has been reduced to a few bites a day. Friends and family have been trying desperately to contact him yet he lacks the motivation to answer his phone. He does not want any contact with the outside world during this process. He is in terrible shape. He hopes that perhaps in time, his wounds will heal. His story sounds so much like most of ours at one point or another in our lives.

No one expects you to mend a broken heart rapidly; a broken heart takes time to rebuild. In fact, the only thing that can heal a broken heart is time. Initially, the actual event is so overwhelming that we refuse to accept it; we are experiencing the first stage of grief which is denial. The power of the mind allows you to control how you grieve a loss. The shock eventually transforms into an understanding. During this stage your “why” is typically answered and in some cases not.

The final stage is acceptance. By the time you have reached this stage, you have developed the necessary serenity required to press forward. Understand that things will happen to us, no one is immune to experiencing a disaster. With this understanding, I challenge you to program your mind to expedite to this stage as reasonably quickly as possible. Do not be misled, grieving is a process. I simply want you to develop an understanding that the one thing we cannot stop is time. Time will certainly continue to pass and so will the hurt we initially feel.

As time continues to move forward, we are encouraged to follow suit.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

2 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – It Takes Time”

  1. your Incredibliy Awesome. keep on inspiring people for you dont know how much you are helping them.You are always on point and you say eaxctly what i need 2 hear sometimes when u are talking i think u have to really be talkn to god dude keep listening

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