Morning Cup of Joe – Live in the Present

Most people live their lives in the future; those same people have a relatively difficult time being organized and focused. This makes sense because if you aren’t living in the present then how can you reasonably focus on it. Meaning most people are so focused on the future they neglect to pay attention to the right now. When we neglect to pay attention to the right now, we allow room for external forces to interrupt the natural ebb and flow of our predestined blessings. Focus on the now.

At times, I am baffled when I hear people say things like “I don’t think I can win” or “Tomorrow is going to be a terrible day”. Every time I hear a variation of those statements I always think to myself, “How do you know?” Those statements relatively deal with the future in that you are, in a way, predicting the outcome of a race that hasn’t even started. People count themselves out of opportunities every single day simply because they think that they know what tomorrow is going to bring. Tomorrow may very well bring you all the answers you’ve been praying for. Take charge of the present moment and work feverishly to create the outcomes you desire.

Today is the only thing you have some control over. Being concerned about tomorrow is futile as tomorrow may never come. You cannot control that which you haven’t seen. You must understand the importance of living for right now and not only living for right now but living in the moment. Every second we are blessed to hear and feel the beats of our hearts is a second we should devote to focusing on the present day.

Do not be concerned about a future you cannot control; learn to live in the present.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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