Morning Cup of Joe – A Need To Belong

Release yourself from the grip others have on you simply because you seek their approval. Wanting to be “liked” is an issue we all face. I say issue because I truly believe it is an issue that we must combat. When others know you are seeking their approval, they will oftentimes take advantage of you. You are in control, don’t let that happen by seeking the approval of the only one that matters; God.

A basic human need is the need to belong or feel accepted. In my opinion, this need should be restricted to your immediate family. Many of us want to be accepted by the group; even more of us would do whatever it took to belong. These cliques are formed at an early age; surveying the classroom to see who you most identify with then joining forces. Instead of trying to belong, be the one who creates the group. Instead of looking for someone else to lead; be the leader.

Some trails have already been blazed but there are many trails waiting to be blazed by you. The most important aspect of a leader is the fact that a leader does not need to belong to any specific group, a leader can assimilate and encourage any group or team dynamic. A leader does not seek approval yet understands that his work affects others. Release yourself from the need to want others to approve the works you’ve done.

When we try to please people we become their slaves. Focus on pleasing God; not man.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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