Morning Cup of Joe – Plant the Seed

You may not be around to see the tree it will inevitably become but that shouldn’t prevent you from planting the seed. Many of us make the serious error of not investing simply because the return on our investment may take a little longer than we’d like. The investments I speak of are not the same kind of investments you would see on Wall Street yet the mathematics is the same. Invest your time and effort towards improving the lives of others and you will yield incredible returns. Just like investments, some of your returns may not be great and others may take time yet that should not keep you from initially investing.

Sometimes we have to trust the teacher within. Trust the teacher so much so that you are confident that you imparted the necessary knowledge that will take them to the next level. Oftentimes as the teacher we restrict from teaching because we are not sure if the lesson will stay with the recipient. Ask any teacher you know and they will tell you the same, just because a student is not willing to learn doesn’t mean they shouldn’t teach them. In the same token, just because someone is not willing to accept the gift of your efforts doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give it anyway.

Trust that your efforts will make an impact. Trust that what you invest will always yield great results. The world needs seed planters like you. The world needs folks who aren’t afraid of seeing the promise in someone even if they don’t recognize it themselves. Do not be afraid of putting in the hard work even if someone else is going to get paid. In the end, since we are all connected, we all benefit. If you are not someone who gives of themselves often, make the conscious effort to change that today! We cannot reasonably expect miracles to happen if we aren’t involved in the creation of the miracle.

There is so much fertile land amongst the human race and countless people do not recognize the incredible contributions they can make to the world. This is implicitly why we should plant a seed in others with the faith and understanding that one day, with the necessary care, effort and attention, it will grow into the tall oak tree it was destined to become. First, plant the seed.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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