Morning Cup of Joe – Belief, Effort & Time

If you want something bad enough you have to believe you are going to get it before it shows up. Recently, I was reminded of this fact when my thoughts were intently focused on something in particular and although my thoughts eventually became a reality, it was not by magic. The amazing thing is that the universe works in favor of those who put effort into that which they seek. Maintain a stern belief that your thoughts will come to pass and they certainly will.

The first step to creating and realizing any goal or dream is to maintain an unwavering belief that the goal or dream will be accomplished. Believe it then see it not the other way around. Not only is maintaining a strong belief important, we must also consider other critical elements in the chain of events that eventually leads to the accomplishment of that dream; effort and time. Basically, believe that it will happen then put effort towards making it happen and it inevitably will.

Your mind has the power and incredible ability to create anything it wants, yes anything. If you think about something hard enough it will eventually fall into your lap. Understand that it may take anywhere from one day to many years to finally realize that which has been occupying your mind space. It is always worth the wait. The goal is to not stop until you get what you’ve been thinking about while working towards ensuring that it absolutely does. Now that you understand the importance of belief, effort and time; I challenge you to share this knowledge with others. You may change a life.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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