Morning Cup of Joe – The Power of Yes!

There is extraordinary power that lies within this three letter word. If practiced, this word can open doors you had no clue even existed. The opposite of this word will yield a particular set of results; most likely unfavorable. The overuse of this word has been known to build bridges that will lead to the discovery of your dreams. The magic word I speak of is – Yes.

Saying yes to a challenge, especially if you are not prepared and/or are unaware of the details of the task at hand, tests your tenacity. You truly never know what this simple gesture will lead to but you must practice saying it more often. For the past few summers, I’ve facilitated a leadership and internship program for underprivileged youth. During one of the leadership sessions, the Vice President walks in and shouts, “I need one volunteer who can help me with a project?” Without hesitation, one student jumps up and enthusiastically says, “I’ll do it”! The young man had no clue what the project entailed but was willing to accept the challenge without that knowledge. That risk turned out to be one of the best decisions he has made in his young life. When he completed the small project and submitted it to the Vice President, he had an opportunity to speak to her about his aspirations. Once the conversation was complete, she informed him that she was a part of a group that selected students for full college scholarships and that she would like to nominate him to be a recipient of the award. He was beside himself, especially since he had no plans to attend college prior to this experience. That’s the power of Yes!

The power of yes is a simple gesture that leads to extraordinary outcomes. Learn to understand the power in that word and what it means to say it often. We all have examples where saying “yes” began a chain of events that eventually lead to a miracle. Are you committed to being the best? Do you deserve the very best life has to offer? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to get what you desire? I am convinced that you know the answer to these questions.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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