Morning Cup of Joe – Self-Improvement 101

How much time did you spend focused on improving yourself yesterday? How many hours do you typically spend on perfecting your craft daily? The amount of hours you invest into bettering yourself do not compare to the benefits you will receive as a result of this investment. If you don’t already have one, create a mental picture of where you are supposed to be in life. A mental picture is a snap-shot or a bird’s eye view of your future. Create, maintain and work towards developing the image in your mental picture.

What needs the most improvement in your life today? Before we can begin to correct a problem, we must first identify it. Step one is to clearly identify what needs to change in your life. This will not be difficult as we are our worst critics and I am certain that you are thinking of a few things at this very moment. There are things in your life that simply cannot continue to remain the same; they must change. If those things continue to stay the same, they are and will be a detriment to your achievement of ultimate happiness. You deserve happiness.

The change we seek begins with our mind-set or state of mind. Your state of mind must be in the “right place” at all times. The “right place” mindset is simply a mindset that is constantly focused on self-improvement. Condition your mind to always think of better ways to improve yourself. Once these discoveries are made, you must feverishly work to drive the change you seek. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like osmosis; the changes won’t happen just by thinking about them. You have got to put in work.

We all need improvement in all aspects of our lives. Make this day and every day count by using each day to find ways to better yourself. Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. When tomorrow comes, how much better will you be?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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