Morning Cup of Joe – Insignificant Values

I woke up this morning and the first thought that came to mind was “what do I value most and what am I giving value to that should not be receiving it.” When I think about the things I value most, what ranks at the top of my list are the relationships I have with my family members & my friends in addition to maintaining great health. The list of things I value most seems quite small compared to the list of things that I place value into that really should not be receiving it.

One of the major things we place value into that absolutely should not be receiving it is other people’s opinions about how we should do things or how we should live our lives. While cordial constructive criticism may be exempt, we are all guilty of placing unnecessary value in others opinions. Remember they are opinions, not facts. Value facts, not opinions. The goal is to work diligently on shifting the focus from the things we do not value to the things we value most. The first step involves you introspectively analyzing what’s most important to you, writing those things down and working on making them a priority in your life.

What others think or say about you is truly none of your concern. It is up to you to determine what is most important in your life. Stop allowing others to dictate your direction when they don’t even have a map to your life. Those people have never walked a mile in your shoes so why are you allowing them to run your life? It is imperative that you take complete control and responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Take it from me, it really and truly doesn’t matter what people who don’t matter think about us.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

One thought on “Morning Cup of Joe – Insignificant Values”

  1. in general people are quick to “devalue” others without taking into consideration sometimes it is not about the messenger…but the message. I have learned to pay attention to the message and receive people as they are. I allow people to “devalue” themselves if they so choose, but as a BELIEVER it is not my portion to do so. when we do the opposite of what is usually expected by society we transform a part of ourselves that is so lacking in this world today- ACCEPTANCE, TOLERANCE…not everyone we meet is meant to bring value to our life…it just might be some are looking to be value by those whom they observed is value worthy . A penny may have no value to a man who have no reason to value it; but to a man who have nothing, a penny may be the difference between having enough to eat or begging on the street!

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