Morning Cup of Joe – Keep Driving

Over the past week, I travelled over 1500 miles by car. This morning is unlike any other morning I’ve ever had in my entire life; this morning I woke up enlightened and wanted to share that with you. Truthfully, every morning is different and is essentially based on our perception and reception of the day which makes it a gift. I digress because this message isn’t about that. This morning, I want to emphasize the importance of persistence. It is critically important that you maintain a high level of persistence in the face of danger; persistence in the face of uncertainty and persistence in the face of doubt.

The key to success is staying the course and seeing a goal through to the end. Throughout the entire 1500 mile pilgrimage, one single thought continued to rewind and play over and over again in my head; “If I keep driving, sooner or later, I’ll reach my destination”. There is so much we all can and should learn from my recent journey. The main lesson is, stay the course! On my way to my final destination, I encountered traffic; I watch fellow road warriors get pulled over by police officers and issued speeding tickets and I even witnessed a couple of car accidents. One can make a similar comparison to life.

Essentially, in life we are going to experience some things on the way to our goal and the key thing to remember is that if we stay focused on the end result, the chances of accomplishing that specific result is extremely favorable; almost 100% of the time. Keep in mind that as long as you keep grinding, eventually you too will reach the finish line. The goal is to not stop driving; to not stop moving; to stay busy and to stay diligently working until your desired end result is realized. It can be done if you stick with it.

Don’t stop until you have reached the top.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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