Morning Cup of Joe – Successful People

What do you think separates you from someone who is wildly successful? I’ll give you a second. If you answered “nothing”, you’re absolutely correct. There is nothing that separates you from these folks. My experience has proven to me that the most successful people are the ones who aren’t afraid of taking chances. Successful people strive to prove only to themselves how great they can be rather than comparing their best to the best others can do.

Successful people never blame their current state on their past circumstances. We have all been through enough in our lives where collectively we can write the world’s biggest sob-storybook. Some people haven’t realized their greatness because they are still blaming where they currently are with where they have been. Understand that it is not our circumstances that dictate our future; it’s our ability to persevere in spite of the devastating events that may have occurred in our lives.

Successful people make smart decisions; smart as in well thought out. In order to be successful you must be fearless. You cannot be afraid to try, you cannot be afraid to do, and you cannot be afraid to be who you uniquely are. Successful people will attempt something countless times until it finally works; unsuccessful people will think that if they fail on the first or second attempt then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Channel your inner “little engine that could” and start chugging along. Do not stop until you’ve reached the top, that’s what successful people do.

Every failure brings you that much closer to a win; but only if you continue to fight.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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