Morning Cup of Joe – Turn It Over To God

There is something I am going to tell you that may surprise you but please understand that it is a fact. The fact is that some battles aren’t yours to fight. Although we are strong, most of us are too stubborn to realize when our strength is not enough to win a fight. Yet that does not prevent us from entering a fight. When you find yourself starting to lose strength or when you feel that you may lose a battle, simply turn it over to God.

Sometimes we enter unwinnable battles; at times on purpose. I believe that when we are tested or thrown off course, it is God trying to tell us something. What He’s trying to tell us is that He possesses the necessary power to win any and every battle. You don’t have to fight alone, you are just choosing to. If you are in a situation where you are constantly battling the same demons, it is because you haven’t asked Him for help.

Imagine fighting your battles in a wrestling ring; you against your problems. Your problem has an issue waiting to be tagged in once you get weak enough for them to tap you out. What you must ask yourself is at your weakest moment, who will you tag in? Look over your shoulder, reach out your hand and tag God in; I guarantee you He won’t lose. Although most of us try, we cannot win every battle on our own. In fact, some battles aren’t meant for you to fight alone.

When you feel like you are in one of those unwinnable battles against your problems, simply call out to God, ask Him for help or turn it over to Him completely. Trust me, He can handle it.

Remember, turn your battles over to God or simply tag Him in; you can’t lose.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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