Morning Cup of Joe – Overcoming Obstacles

The incredible strength some develop as a result of achieving in spite of the devastating events that may have occurred in one’s life is directly related to the fact that they never gave up hope that one day they would find a way out. It is also related to the fact that if you must win then quitting can never be an option. One additional major factor some people ignore is the fact that many times the trials we face are simply to test our will and endurance. What most people fail to understand is that whatever it is you are going through, it is because God knows that you are equipped to handle it.

Understand that God will never give us more than we can handle even if it seems like the problem is insurmountable. The thoughts of a successful person is to always figure a way out of their circumstances by constantly focusing on solutions rather than the problem that is in front of them. All problems have within them a solution and are meant to be solved; no exceptions. When you feel like giving up, focus on the fact that you are experiencing turmoil because you will be stronger once you overcome it. You have within you the ability to overcome any and all obstacles. Do you believe that? You should.

It is imperative that you understand that what does not kill you will only make you stronger. Simply, death as a result of your circumstances, which is the worst case scenario, is the only obstacle nearly impossible to overcome. If you do not die as a result of your circumstances then you would have gained incredible strength as a result of that experience. Fortunately, most problems will not kill you and they are designed for you to overcome them. That is how strength is developed; by outlasting and overcoming your obstacles.

All mazes have one entrance and one exit. If you are currently trapped in the proverbial maze of life, simply continue to walk until you find the exit. You may run into dead ends, turn around and try another route. Eventually, if you don’t give up, you will find your way out.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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