Morning Cup of Joe – Innermost Desires

Whatever it is you are looking for, you will most certainly find, if and only if you never give up hope that you will. It is incredible how the universe works on our behalf when we believe and trust it to provide what we most desire. Our innermost thoughts have the incredible ability to produce whatever it is we truly need and in some cases want. Clearly, we must do work in the physical realm in order to connect the dots but trust that anything is truly possible.

If you seek it, focus intently on it, remain patient and feverishly pursue it, it shall be yours. Understand that your mind has the incredible ability to create anything. A mind that focuses on lack will always produce and experience lack in the individuals’ life. Conversely, if you constantly focus on creation and increase you will experience and continue to experience increase in your life. It is truly as simple as your thoughts becoming things.

You are designed to build, invent and create. You come from a God that is capable of anything and by virtue of being His child, you possess that same power. It is imperative that you not focus on limitations. At all times, focus on possibilities. Some of our minds are programmed, based on our environment and other factors, to focus on what cannot happen. I have trained and conditioned my mind to always focus on what can, by virtue of overcoming many of life’s obstacles.

Your desires are not impossible to realize if you believe in them enough to chase them until you catch them. Two things happen when you chase a dream; either the dream will slow its pace until you catch up to it or you will have to pick up the pace in order to catch up to the dream. Whatever you do, don’t stop running. Eventually, you will have what you desire most.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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