Morning Cup of Joe – Famous or Rich

I was once asked whether I would rather be famous or rich. Ponder that question for a moment. Would you rather be famous or rich? Arguably some will emphatically say both while most people will choose one. When I was first asked this question, I too said I would want to be a hybrid. What I didn’t understand then versus what I do now is that neither one matters.

Whether you have all the money in the world or are the most famous person in the world, you still will put your pants on one leg at a time. There is no difference between a famous or rich person and you; none. Neither fame nor fortune will bring you true happiness. What matters most is the significance you bring to others’ lives during your stay at Hotel Earth. Although some may argue differently, money will not extend your life and neither will fame. We will all expire one day.

Your goal in life should not be the pursuit of fame and/or fortune. Those things come when you make a significant impact in the world around you. No one who ever became rich or famous did so with the intention of being rich or famous; there are a few exceptions in the entertainment industry but trust that they are anomalous. A gross majority of people who live these lifestyles do so as a direct result of them following their passion; the fame and fortune becomes a byproduct.

In my opinion, the pursuit of fame and fortune is detrimental to one’s growth as an individual. Pursue your dreams and the rest will inevitably fall into place, if that is your desire. The lime light brought about by fame eventually dims and fortune has a higher propensity to diminish; we have all seen countless examples of both. What is most important is that the people who know and love you, remember you. Everything else is details.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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