Morning Cup of Joe – Escape Routes

Have you ever noticed when we stop worrying about a particular situation, it suddenly disappears? This is not by accident. Worrying solves absolutely nothing; all worrying does is add more stress to your situation. When we worry, we do not allow our minds the space and opportunity to create solutions. Worrying simply means that you lack the necessary faith and patience required to endure through any situation. Stop worrying and start figuring it out.

Condition your mind to be solution-driven. Simply, when you encounter a problem or a proverbial “bump in the road”, immediately shift your attention from the obstacle to the overcoming of that obstacle. One of the most popular television shows in the late 80’s and early 90’s was a show called MacGyver. In every episode, MacGyver had to figure his way out of a quagmire with virtually nothing and no one to assist him. One show that stands out in my mind is one where he was trapped in a cellar by some bad guys and he only had a string, a rubber band and a few other items, none of which you or I could use, yet he created a bomb and magically blew up the cellar and escaped.

The point of that particular MacGyver story and every episode is simply the fact that you truly don’t need much to get out of your cellar. If you are trapped by some issue or circumstance, just look around you at the resources you currently have at your disposal, use them and your breakthrough will come. Don’t just sit in the cellar waiting to be rescued; that may never happen. More often than not, we must find our own escape routes. No cellar is strong enough to contain you. Use what you have and break out.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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