Morning Cup of Joe – Favor is Fair

Despite some claims that being shown favor from God isn’t fair based on the popular saying “favor ain’t fair”; I want you to know that favor is absolutely fair. If you are receiving favor from God, it is because you have positioned yourself to receive such favor. If you believe in the karmic circle, you too understand the importance of doing right by others. By doing right by others, God does right by us.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being blessed so don’t apologize for it. If you are experiencing a windfall of blessings, simply thank goodness you were chosen. No one who has ever been blessed did so accidentally. In fact, most people who experience an immense amount of blessings do so because they meet God half-way. By meeting God half-way, you are praying and working towards that which you’ve prayed for. Seek and ye shall find.

I truly believe that blessings come when we open our arms to receive them. Many people walk around thinking that they are undeserving of blessings. Even more believe that blessings are reserved for a certain type of person. Understand that you serve a God that has unlimited blessings, more than enough for you and I and everyone else in the world. At all times walk in the understanding that you deserve favor and you will receive it. Favor is definitely fair.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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