Morning Cup of Joe – God Makes A Way

Faith is believing in something you know to be true but have yet to confirm with your own eyes. Having a strong faith is necessary to overcoming any and all obstacles. No matter how difficult things get sometimes, it is imperative that you maintain faith that it will improve. Under extreme pressure, your faith will be tested. How you respond will certainly determine how God responds.

It is imperative that you maintain a strong faith that God will always make a way out of seemingly no way. In your time of need, He will show up in ways you may not readily recognize. It is up to you to determine the signs. Sometimes we ask, pray and even believe in God for a miracle yet when he sends it to us we reject it because the miracle doesn’t look like what we initially prayed for. If you are unsure whether or not the angel disguised as a human is there to answer your call, share your problem with the person and watch as the miracle unfolds.

In the midst of a storm, remain calm and understand that not only will God never leave you nor forsake you; He will never ever give you more than you can bear. In addition, He will always make a way. Trust and believe that He will always, not sometimes, but always make a way and He most certainly will. I am a testimony of His grace and mercy. I trusted God for a miracle recently and remained calm during my storm and had faith that He would respond. And just like that, at the eleventh hour, He sent me an angel; problem solved.

Will you trust God for a breakthrough in your circumstances or will you continue to doubt His infinite power? Be very clear that His response is solely based on yours.

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Joe Paul


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