Morning Cup of Joe – Are You Selfish?

You were not born to please anyone. Does that come as a bit of a surprise to you? It shouldn’t. Your purpose on earth will be less obscure when you focus solely on your own development. It is unhealthy to compromise your happiness for the happiness of others. Think about it. If you are busy making sure everyone else is happy, who is focused on your happiness? I will bet that the answer is most likely no one. Change your focus.

While I strongly believe in philanthropic and selfless acts towards humanity and practice them often, I also believe that you should focus on your own development. By focusing on your development, you are shifting the focus from “what can I do to make everyone else happy” to “what will it take for me to find my own true happiness”. It is time to be a little selfish especially when it comes to your success, personal development and pursuit of happiness. People who receive very rarely have time to give. And if you are constantly giving, you leave very little room to receive.

Do not be misled; there are a few exemptions to this rule; namely your immediate family. I strongly believe that you should give, perhaps more of your treasure than your time yet you should still give. However, if you are intently focused on giving your time to everyone, how will you ever have time to earn any treasure? Time is one commodity that you cannot put a price on; namely because you can always earn more money but you can never buy more time.

Everyone was born to figure out their own destiny. Do not compromise your happiness and inevitable success for the sake of seeing others happy. Your happiness matter as well, doesn’t it?

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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