Morning Cup of Joe – Three Digit Number

A very good friend of mine is fixated on a three digit number. For our purposes, let’s say the numbers are “914” respectively. He told me how 914 continued to show up everywhere he looked no matter how hard he tried to avoid them. Most of the time he would restrict from wearing a watch because when he did, everytime he checked the time it would say 9:14; this would happen at night and during most mornings.

One of the more recent stories involved a receipt from a local supermarket where the total of several items including tax was $9.14. A package was delivered to his home for an order his wife had made and she wasn’t there so he signed for the package. Guess what the last three digits were on the shipping number; you guessed it, 914.

After incidents like the aforementioned continued to happen over a long period of time, he decided to share it with someone and chose to share it with me. One evening when it happened again, he decided to call me and ask why these numbers were constantly showing up in his life. My response to him was quite simple. For one, by intently focusing on those particular numbers in that exact order he is subconsciously attracting them into his life. That is why he couldn’t escape them. Here’s the great news and how this applies to you; it works the same way with anything you want to attract into your life. Intently focus on it and it will show up in your life; unfortunately that includes the good and the bad.

Our subconscious mind is able to work on attracting that which we focus on the most. Imagine if he was obsessed about owning a home as much as he has allowed the numbers 914 to haunt his mind; I can guarantee that he would be a homeowner. Would a home just fall out of the sky into his lap? Obviously not. Rather the universe would work in such a way that the opportunity to own a home would present itself more readily perhaps through a job promotion, a bonus or perhaps even an inheritance.

The moral of the story is simply, what you focus your mind on the most will continue to show up in your life. Start intently focusing on what you want to attract in your life and watch as those things begin to show up. Not by magic but through the power of intention.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


3 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – Three Digit Number

  1. This also happens to me, its not a day that goes by that I do not see the number 827. I see it in the morning and at night, on TV, recipes, you name is and not to mention it is my sons birthday. I don’t think about the number it just pops everywhere and is very noticeable, my family has even pointed it out. I just want to know what this means.

    1. Precious,
      Thank you for reading Morning Cup of Joe. I encourage you to make it a part of your daily routine, it will work wonders in your life! This happens because our minds have the incredible capacity to create and attract that which we think about the most. You may not believe this but this works with whatever you want to show up in your life. If you think about it often enough, eventually it will show up.
      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

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