Morning Cup of Joe – Be Yourself

Commit to memory that you are unique and truly one of a kind. Even a set of twins has distinguishable features that set them apart. You possess a set of skills that is personal to you. You were made in His perfect image. When you look in the mirror, that is who God envisioned when He created you; He does not make mistakes. In addition, you were born with a set of gifts that no one can take from you. Use those gifts if you want to experience an abundant life.

I am often baffled at how many people in the world try to imitate others. While imitation is the best form of flattery, it never yields the same dividends as the original. It is imperative that you be yourself. Some qualities of others may warrant duplication but nothing beats the original. Understand that the people being copied created what is being imitated. You possess the same power to create yourself by virtue of who your father is. If you are going to copy anyone, copy God.

If you are going to recreate anything, recreate the road a wildly successful person has travelled. Follow the steps they took to reach their pinnacle of success and you may receive similar benefits. Read the books they’ve read, listen to the words that have influenced their lives and adopt the tenacious attitude they have which has allowed them to reach the top. By simply dressing like them or trying to sound like them you will not be able to be successful like them.

Success does not happen through osmosis, you have to go out and create your own. Be yourself and the rest will follow.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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