Morning Cup of Joe – Against All Odds

No one can deny you the opportunity to compete. In life, you will face some tough battles and may even experience defeat. What you must understand about defeat is that when you do fall, you must get back up and fight harder. Competition is not only reserved for those who are determined to win. You must give it your best shot and never give up until you win the war. Some battles are meant to be lost, how else can we understand our mortality and increase our will to win. Even in defeat we learn valuable lessons that help equip us for future battles. Keep fighting.

In life, you will face some unthinkable odds. And against all odds, you must be determined to rise above the rest. Against all odds, you must constantly maintain the understanding that each difficulty you overcome becomes a stepping stone that helps you overcome the next. You can overcome any and all odds if you focus your mind to it and are determined to never, ever give up. In addition to the focus and determination, you must remain humble at all times. The victory not only goes to the one who is unequivocally determined to win, it goes to the one who can handle it with humility. Stay humble throughout life’s battles.

No matter how many losses we experience in our lives, there is truly no greater feeling than a win. No one can deny a champion what is rightfully theirs. If you believe you can win, you are absolutely right. Conversely, if you think you will lose, you’ve already lost. The heart of champion cannot be denied. I am reminded of a quote by Vertner Woodson Tandy as it relates to the determination and heart of a champion; he once said “We must fight until hell freezes over, and then fight on the ice.” That is the mindset of a champion. That is what it takes to win. You must be willing to fight like hell and never stop fighting until you win.

How bad do you want it?

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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