Morning Cup of Joe – Who Cares?

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in what others think, say and feel about us and our inevitable success. So much so that another person’s words can pierce through the armor we’ve been able to build over time with relative ease. The interesting thing about the mind is that it has the capability and capacity to retain information and memories, good and bad, whether we like it or not. The question I want you to ask yourself the next time someone has something to say about how you are choosing to live your life is, “Who cares?”

Who cares what they think about you? Who cares how they feel about you? Who cares what they say about you? It certainly shouldn’t be you. Sometimes I wish there was a surcharge for people to share their opinions; something like one hundred dollars per word. Perhaps more people would keep their thoughts and opinions to themselves. While some opinions and most constructive criticism offer insight into self-improvement, most people would rather seek to tear you down with their words. The reason why most people feel the need to spew out some of the senseless and thoughtless words they say is because to them there are no repercussions or consequences. Let them say what they will; you stay focused on succeeding in spite of it. Make your success the consequence and repercussion.

You are on a mission, at all times stay focused on your desired end results. As you drive in your proverbial car towards the top expect delays and expect distractions. Just because you have delays and/or distractions along your journey doesn’t mean you should stop driving; keep moving. Others opinions and thoughts are there to serve as distractions, sort of like an annoying fan waving created signs while a basketball player is attempting to make a free throw. Condition your mind to make the free throw in spite of the distractions that are attempting to prevent you from scoring. Remember, you are on a mission, you are in control and absolutely nothing and no one can stop you.

People share their opinions because they are free, and we all know that most things that are free have little to no value.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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