Morning Cup of Joe – Soul For Sell

When you woke up this morning what is one of the first thoughts that occupied your mind? If you’re like most people it is probably how you can make more money. Why do you think you were placed on this earth? Most people would answer that their pursuit of happiness through the accumulation of wealth was their principle reason for being alive. It baffles me how some people will work themselves until they are sick then have to turn around and spend that money on medicine to help sustain their lives and lifestyle so that they can work even harder to get even sicker to buy more medicine to…you get the idea. It’s a vicious cycle. If you aren’t doing something that brings you joy, you are doing something wrong.

All of the money in the world cannot bring you happiness nor can it buy you extra time on this earth. In addition, health is another blessing that money cannot buy, no matter how much you think, feel or even believe that it can. Do not be misled, while money isn’t the most important thing in the world it is how we communicate through commerce and I would certainly agree that it ranks pretty close to oxygen as necessity is concerned. However, if you took a step back from the need to accumulate more and more and understand that the root of that need is simply greed and gluttony you would better understand that you truly don’t need those things at all. You ever wonder how some people are able to make it on much less than you?

Some people would risk it all to be rich and by all I mean everything; their health, their relationships with friends and family and even their souls. I typically don’t quote any religious writings for personal reasons and to not exclude any of you who may not share similar faiths, however your ability to understand the incredible lessons that are written in each word, no matter the faith, is essential to your growth and self-development. I’m reminded of a scripture from the bible that helps to summarize this message. The book of Mark, chapter eight, verse thirty-six says “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world but loses his soul?” Simply, your soul lives on after your temporary stay on earth expires. What are you willing to risk in order to be rich with money and “stuff”? Are you willing to risk your soul? I would certainly hope not. No amount of stuff is truly worth your soul.

The sooner you understand that the life you are living is priceless, the sooner your pursuit of things will cease. What you do with the time you are here on earth is what makes you rich not the stuff you accumulate.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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