Morning Cup of Joe – To The Rescue

If you have been independent for as long as I have it is a bit challenging to ask for help. For more than two decades I have basically had to figure everything out on my own. While there are definite benefits to being independent, one major setback is thinking that you don’t need anyone to assist you with anything. In fact, not only does that type of thinking stifle your growth it also extends the process and speed by which you can experience success. Do not be misled; I am not saying that you will not be successful if you do it on your own. I am simply saying that if you had a little help you may get there a little sooner.

Ever since I was forced into independence, I conditioned my mind to think and even believe that I did not need anyone for anything. I conditioned my mind to think and believe that I can do everything on my own without the assistance of others. Naturally, one will lean towards that type of thinking especially if that is all they know. When we start to think that we do not need anyone, we start to ignore the angels God sends to our rescue. Everything I have ever accomplished in life has been a result of someone helping me achieve it. For a long time, I foolishly believed it was all me; boy was I wrong.

Recently, I was forced to have a paradigm shift from my old way of thinking. I was forced to ask myself, “How will anyone ever know I need help if I never ask?” That is the question I want you to ask yourself. If you are afraid to ask for help because you don’t think, feel or believe that anyone will come to your rescue or are too proud to ask then you are doing yourself a disservice. You will never know until you ask. Imagine being stuck in a burning building, would you yell for help? I don’t know one person who would think to themselves “let me see if I can figure this out myself”. Think of success and achieving your dreams in the same light.

Again, imagine being stuck in a burning building with your dreams and the only way you can get out is to yell for help. What would you do? Don’t be so stubborn and independent that you die with your dreams. Reach out to others for assistance and watch as the hands of angels on earth start to reach back. Not only is it imperative that you graciously accept support, it is critical that you be one of the angels on earth who helps others.

No one who ever became successful ever did it on their own; no exceptions. You truly never know who will come to your rescue until you are brave enough to ask for help.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


2 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – To The Rescue”

  1. Thank you for your daily inspiration. My son Samuel Gilbert shares it with me and it is always on point!!!! Today’s Cup of Joe is my testimony Exactly! Forced into independence and when I tried to reach out to others for help it was as if no one came to my rescue….Thus strength from God…but I needed help for others as well.
    Again thanks for the encouragement!

    Marietta Gilbert

    1. Marietta!
      Thank you so much for reading Morning Cup of Joe! I remain humble as I continue to serve as a vessel! This has been a difficult lesson for me as well. What I have learned is that the key is to not stop asking but to continue to ask until you receive the answer you are seeking. The people you expect to help in many cases will not and the rest will surprise you. Keep the faith and continue to make Morning Cup of Joe a part of your daily routine!

      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

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