Morning Cup of Joe – Try Try Again

Do you remember when you were first learning how to ride a bicycle? Do you remember the million different instructions you received and the windfall of affirmation from your teacher in order to build enough confidence in yourself for them to let you go? If you aren’t Lance Armstrong, what would happen in most cases is that you would lose your balance and eventually fall. What was even more incredible is that you would get back up and insist on trying it over again until you were able to do it on your own. Although most of us haven’t ridden a bicycle in years, we all know that if we were to get on a bicycle today we would have no problem riding it with ease.

For our purposes, I want you to focus on one particular part of the process by which you learned how to ride a bicycle; the part where you continued to try until you got it right. Most people typically try then fail and refuse to try again because they believe that they will continue to fail. What they fail to understand is that unless they continue to try without fail they will never realize the joy of overcoming obstacles. Much like falling off of a bicycle, you cannot stay on the ground; you must get back up and try again until you get it right.

A very good friend shared a powerful story of a man who desperately wanted to quit smoking. He had gotten to the point where his addiction started to seriously affect his way of life. At that point, he decided to seek the advice of others who had successfully overcome the addiction of smoking. One person he approached said to him, “the best way to quit smoking is to keep quitting and eventually you will.” The power of repetition is certainly a tool for refinement. Understand that it is perfectly fine to do things over and over and over again until you get it right; it helps to refocus you on the task at hand.

Some of you have fallen off of your bicycles and refuse to get back up and try again. You will never overcome an obstacle if you are afraid to keep trying. Eventually you will be able to ride with ease, but only after you decide that giving up on trying is never a viable option.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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