Morning Cup of Joe – Return On Investment

The quickest way to experience failure over and over again is to maintain a “wiifm” mentality. “Wiifm” stands for What’s In It For Me? Most people make decisions, mostly unsound, based on this concept. If they are not benefitting from a particular choice they are making then they will not even bother to move forward with that choice. Some decisions we make will not produce an initial benefit. However, that should not prevent us from moving forward with making that decision.

Consider the fact that the decisions you make are similar to playing the stock market. You do not know how a particular stock will perform at the time of your initial investment yet you hope your return will be greater than your investment. Understand that this isn’t always the case and the same goes with any decision you choose to make. Most people restrict from making decisions because they are looking for an immediate return on their investment; whether it is time or money or both. The fact is you will not be able to get to the next level if you are stuck on the ground trying to find the quickest way to get the highest rate of return.

Do not be misled, I fully understand that you would like to receive at the very least what you have put into a particular person, situation or opportunity and rightfully so. However, understand that the return on your initial investment may be long-term. The work you do in the present will determine the benefits you receive in the future. The future I speak of may be tomorrow or it may be ten years from now. No matter how long it takes to reap the rewards, if you aren’t willing to stay committed, don’t invest at all. Time is a precious commodity.

Sadly, most people will miss out on amazing opportunities to build meaningful relationships simply because they are wondering what’s in it for them. While there may be something in it for you that should not be the only reason you choose to invest. Take a step back and analyze the most important stock of them all; analyze yourself. Stop asking what’s in it for you and start asking why one should invest in your stock. What is the value you are bringing to the lives of others? Seriously consider and honestly answer this question before making your next investment.

Condition your mind to think long-term as the return on your investment may never come at all or it may come tomorrow.

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Joe Paul


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