Morning Cup of Joe – True Happiness

Have you ever wondered what the cost of happiness is or even if there is a cost? Have you ever stopped to think about what it would take to experience true joy? What are you willing to compromise in order to be happy? Some people would sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of seeing others happy. There are obvious exceptions to this rule but I do not believe that you should make that type of sacrifice. While you are trying to make others happy, who is going to make you happy?

It baffles me how some people allow others to control their emotions. Your heart is like a television and the remote control should be in your possession at all times. There is someone in your life, right now, who has more control over your emotions than you do. They are free to change your channel and adjust your level of happiness based on the remote control they have to your heart. The sooner you take back the remote and realize that you are in control, the less your heart will experience the emotional channel surfing.

Understand that there are no do overs when it comes to this thing called life. I have been searching but there are no reset buttons either. Meaning you will not get a second chance to recreate the events of your life nor will you have the capacity to change the past. Each day presents a new opportunity to get closer to your dreams and closer to experiencing true happiness. No one is in control of your happiness and no one should have that type of control over your emotions; take charge of what is rightfully yours.

You deserve to be happy and no one can ensure that except for you.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


One thought on “Morning Cup of Joe – True Happiness”

  1. What of those who simply turn the TV off.
    What can be said of those who aren’t willing to share a piece of themselves.

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