Morning Cup of Joe – Roll With The Punches

Although most of us wish it were, everyday won’t be perfect. In fact, that is an unrealistic and unreasonable expectation to have. Do not be misled; it is imperative that you remain optimistic. However, leave room for the reality of difficulties that inevitably occur. While we can’t prepare for most of life’s challenges what we can do is choose to roll with the punches.

Much like boxing, when we “roll with the punches” we are simply absorbing life’s numerous bumps and blows. Life is truly like a boxing ring and at times it feels as if it’s you against the world. When that happens, don’t put your guard down and risk getting knocked out. Protect yourself at all times and fight back. If by chance you do get knocked down, which is possible, your goal should always be to get back up and fight harder. The greatest boxers of all time fought until they won. You too must fight until you win.

One of the most important aspects of being a winner is being able to deal with life’s difficulties. Much like in a boxing ring your opponent will do their very best to knock you out; maintain the understanding that this is their ultimate goal and they will stop at nothing until they’ve accomplished it. There are some issues you can’t avoid no matter how hard you try yet that should not prevent you from giving it all you’ve got and work tirelessly to prevent your back from hitting the mat. Your goal is to win in spite of who your opponent is and what their winning record may be.

When life throws her blows, simply roll with the punches and fight back. At all times, focus on the end result; winning against all odds.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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