Morning Cup of Joe – Army of One

It is true that what does not kill you only makes you stronger. Obviously if you are on this side of the dirt you lived to fight another day. What you should understand about the aforementioned statement is that by virtue of you being alive, there is absolutely nothing that you cannot overcome. There is no problem too difficult to solve, no mountain too high to climb, no river too wide to swim and no record too challenging to break if you are committed to achieving excellence at all cost.

One thing I’ve learned during my journey towards enlightenment and excellence is that some days you will feel as if you are walking alone. Some days you feel as if you are in battle and are a member of an army of one. When that happens, which it will, redirect your focus on the fact that you have gotten this far because God never left your side. God is omnipresent; you are not alone no matter how lonely you feel at times. A little prayer goes a long way.

Commit to memory that in the end the victory goes to the person who fights until they’ve won; even if they feel as if they are fighting alone. The battles we fight, no matter how difficult, require strategy to overcome them. What is your strategy for getting over this little hump? What is your plan? It is not enough to think about it, you must write it down. There is incredible power in the written word yet it is not enough to write it down, you must work that plan. It is not enough to work that plan; you must work it until you crossed off everything on your list. All plans require action in order to see results.

Fight like you have a million troops behind you even if you cannot see them. Your victory is yours to claim if you believe you can win your battles.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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