Morning Cup of Joe – Magnetic Forces

Be a magnetic force. Magnets have the incredible power to attract and so do humans. We have the ability and capability to attract others by virtue of our actions, our attitudes and simply by being who we are. It could be something as simple as a smile or as great as your level of calibration, whatever it may be you have the ability to attract whatever you want into your life.

The interesting thing about magnetism is the fact that you have the ability to attract negative forces into your life as well as positive ones. What you allow your mind to dwell on is what will continuously show up in your life. If you perceive your life in a negative fashion, your life will continue to produce negative results. Conversely, if you can find a way to see the positive in every situation, your life will enjoy the benefits of positivity.

Commit to memory that being magnetic means being attractive. Do not be misled; I am not referring to aesthetics. I am referring to your attitude towards life and towards others. Remember that you will always attract more bees with honey. The better your attitude, the more attractive you will seem to others. Who is more approachable, someone wearing a smile or a frown? Obviously it’s the person wearing a smile.

Do not allow the troubles of the world to become your own. Smile as often as you can while maintaining a positive mental attitude and discover the power of magnetism. You have the ability to attract whatever and whoever into your life by simply being that which you seek to attract; like attracts like.

To The Top!
Joe Paul


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