Morning Cup of Joe – Rearview Mirror

Imagine sitting in a car driving towards a specific destination. For our purposes, I want you to focus on a particular part of the car; the rearview mirror. The rearview mirror shows you what you are leaving behind and it also helps you see what is approaching from the rear. In addition, the rearview mirror allows you to continue to move forward while taking necessary glances behind you allowing you to view the road from behind. The rearview mirror of life works in this exact manner.

As you begin to progress forward toward a fruitful and abundant life, you will have to take necessary glances in the past to examine how far you’ve come. After all, how else will you be able to measure your progress? Where you are today is the sum of all of your experiences. Likewise, where you will be tomorrow will be determined by the choices you make today. All of your errors, mistakes and lessons learned combined to create the person you see in the mirror.

Here is what is so awesome about yours and any journey; the final destination. No one cares how you get somewhere so long as you get there. Spend time reflecting on how far you’ve come. Look into the rearview mirror of life without regretting the things you have left behind. If you don’t have them now, you may not have needed them to move forward. Do not be misled; reflecting on the past is very different from dwelling on it. It is imperative that you not spend precious time focusing on what could’ve been simply because it isn’t and there is nothing you can do to change the past.

The rearview mirror of life allows you to take necessary glances at your past and the beautiful journey you are on while maintaining a sharp focus on the road ahead. The past simply serves as a reference guide not a road map. You alone ultimately determine how far you will go. Adjust your rearview mirror and press forward.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

2 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – Rearview Mirror”

  1. JP, I love your blog posts…absolutely love them! This one is particular is so relevant to my life today. Keep it up, we’re reading and growing as a result of your words.

    1. Teacia!
      Thank you so much for reading the blog and making Morning Cup of Joe a part of your daily routine! When I learn that my words make an impact on someone, it gives me the strength and motivation necessary to continue any mission. I am humbled by your kind words and remain committed to serving as a vessel.
      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

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