Morning Cup of Joe – Back On Track

Ok, so your goal of being a millionaire by this time ten years ago didn’t happen. You don’t live in that huge mansion near the Pacific Ocean you’ve always dreamed of. You have yet to travel the world. You haven’t started that business you thought of starting countless times before. Your health isn’t the best and most of your relationships, personal and business, could improve.

Now think back ten years ago and compare how you were and who you were then to who you are today. There really isn’t a comparison. You may not have crossed out everything on your goals list but you are better off now than you were back then. Some people misdiagnose their circumstances. They think that their current state of affairs needs a heart transplant when it really only needs a Band-Aid. It is imperative that you understand that today has brought you to where you are because the plan is still in effect.

The interesting thing about goals, setting them and achieving them, is a fraction of a percentage between the two. However, most people lack the patience necessary to achieve their goals. For example, most people are perfect at planting the seed of their dreams yet they don’t water the soil. Even with plants there are several factors that make it grow which are out of your control; the sun, the health of the soil, the health of the seed and water. Do not be misled; your involvement in that process is critical.

Every tree you see today started out as a seed. Your seed has the potential to grow into a tree if you are patient enough to wait while all of the necessary factors, including your own efforts, come together to support the growth process. So what if you aren’t where you thought you would be in life. Simply thank God that you are a lot further than you were.

Finally, put this next sentence in the mental file cabinet of your mind under permanent files; God has a plan for your life. As long as you don’t give up, maintain a positive mindset as often as you can, believe unequivocally then you shall receive. It’s truly never too late to achieve a goal that you have set. Some goals take minutes, others take decades. I know this much, the goal that is never achieved is the one created by a quitter.

You are so close to reaching the mountain top, so close. If you quit now, you’ll never know the joy of achievement. Choose today to refocus and reset. You may have gotten a little off track but that ends today. No more wasting time, you deserve all the blessings life has to offer. Go and claim what is already yours.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

4 thoughts on “Morning Cup of Joe – Back On Track”

  1. Faith, patience, and a lot of prayers have all the common denominators for success. Surround yourself with positive people, and things, negative energy is not in your best interest. Have a great day.

    1. Jerome,
      You are absolutely correct. All of those common denominators are essential for success including an unwavering belief that it is possible. Thank you for reading Morning Cup of Joe and I hope that you will continue to make it a part of your daily routine. Don’t forget to share it.
      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

  2. Your words have been well chosen. No one should allow themselves to feel discouraged, no matter how bleek things may seem.

    1. Weslley,
      No one should. Whatever is going on today may not be there tomorrow. Pain, trials and tribulations are as temporary as a passing storm. Thank you for reading Morning Cup of Joe and making it a part of your daily routine.
      To The Top!
      Joe Paul

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