Morning Cup of Joe – What’s Missing?

It is hard for some people to wrap their minds around all of the blessings they have in their lives. For many more who tend to focus on the things they don’t have, very rarely are they thankful for the things that are present. Many people falsely focus on the absence of a particular thing or the nonexistence of it. Simply, they focus on what they don’t have and what is lacking from their lives rather than the things that are present. The interesting thing about our thoughts is that they have the incredible power to become things. If you always focus on what you are lacking, you will continue to lack those things.

The power of the mind is such that if you focus intently on something and maintain unwavering belief that you can have it, it shall be yours. The universe has a way of rearranging certain things and aligning stars in our favor so that we may have that which we desire most. The interesting thing about the universe is that it cannot distinguish between good thoughts and bad thoughts; it’s designed to make present in your life whatever you think about the most. If you have been experiencing lack in your life, it’s most likely because you have been intently focused on the things that are missing rather than being grateful for the things that are already there.

The answer is simple, instead of focusing on what you’re missing; try focusing on what you have that everyone else is missing. We are all blessed with unique gifts and talents to be used to fuel and power our dreams which will assist us in the pursuit of living an abundant life. You may look at someone else and marvel at their success but understand that they simply used their gifts to get to where they are. When you focus on what’s missing, you redirect the focus from what is already there.

Everyone was born with a specific set of gifts that is unique to them. It is imperative that you start focusing on what you have that everyone else does not. Redirect your focus back to the person that matters most; yourself. It matters not what you think you don’t have, at least you have sight to read this message and there are some who don’t even have that gift.

Reexamine your gifts and be grateful for all of your blessings. The only thing you may lack is the understanding of how overwhelmingly blessed you truly are.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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