Morning Cup of Joe – Feel Good & Feel God

The first two words out of my mouth every morning when I am blessed to wake up are “Thank You”. I am thankful to open my eyes and be granted the ability to greet another day. Unfortunately, many people wake up and mistakenly expect to wake up. They treat each day like a burden and dread the sound of their alarm clocks. The fact of the matter is each day is a blessing and should be treated as such. Stop starting your day as if you wished you didn’t wake up. If you don’t see anything wrong with it, simply ask the people who didn’t.

Every morning and throughout the day it is imperative that you show your gratitude. Take a moment to think about all of the things you are grateful for. Perhaps it is your family, friends, good health, shelter, nourishment; the list goes on and on. Sometimes we spend too much time focused on the negative. Some people automatically defer to the negative because that is how they have conditioned their minds. We are not wired to think nor perceive our lives negatively. It’s just that some people allow the negative events, which may be few, to overpower the positive events in their lives. Focus on the good in your life and good things will continue to show up.

One of the keys to gaining a better connection to God is to feel good. When you feel good, you will feel God. God has the incredible power to create anything and feeling good transfers that power to you. When you are calibrating at a low level, you leave no room for God to work on you. It’s difficult for a mechanic to work on an engine that is running. The engine must stop to allow the mechanic to make the necessary tweaks to improve the engines performance. God is your mechanic. Stop running; peace be still.

Feeling good is a choice. Feel good and feel God.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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