Morning Cup of Joe – Can I Count On You?

Don’t be someone no one can count on. When someone asks you for a favor, do you typically respond affirmatively? When someone calls you, do you answer your phone? When you are expected to be somewhere, do you show up? Do you make promises that you cannot keep? If you see someone in need, do you stop to show compassion?

I have learned and have seen firsthand how God blesses those who bless others. If you are lacking in blessings it may be because you are too focused on yourself and what’s best for you. When you do for others, God in his infinite omniscience returns the favor tenfold. Do not be misled; your heart must first be in the right place. Your motivation should not be to do for others because you want God to do for you. It doesn’t quite work that way. Give to others because you innately want to.

I am more than blessed to have people in my life who I can count on. Those who are simply a phone call away. Those who answer when I call. Those who show up when they are expected to and when they are needed most. Understand that these relationships are mutually beneficial. They know without a shadow of a doubt that I am someone they can count on which is why they never let me down. People will begin to trust you when you show that you are trustworthy. Furthermore, people will show you that you can count on them when they can count on you.

Be accountable, responsible, and present at all times. Most of all be someone everyone can count on. Can I count on you?

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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