Morning Cup of Joe – God’s Plan

When we experience a trial or tribulation in our lives, sometimes the last thing we want to hear is that it’ll get better or that everything is going to be all right. We don’t want to hear that tomorrow will be a better day but you have to believe that it will be. Although we know that it will, for most of us it’s hard to accept this truth at the time.

When you hear the idiom “the light at the end of the tunnel” understand that although your problems force you to have tunnel vision, you shouldn’t be so focused on your problem that you completely miss the light. In order to see where the light will lead you, you must first make it through the tunnel. The light is supposed to help you understand that hope, although it may not seem to be close or present at the time, is certainly there if you can make it through the tunnel. Don’t give up and don’t lose hope.

Maintain the understanding that whatever is going on today may not be there tomorrow. Pain, trials and tribulations are as temporary as a passing storm. It may rain today but the sun may come out tomorrow. Don’t allow the rain of your troubles to create floods that wash away your optimism.

There is no plan like God’s plan; trust it. His plan may not be clear at the time you are going through your trial but it will be soon enough. He is not only strengthening you for the next struggle that may come but He’s preparing you for the many blessings to come.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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