Morning Cup of Joe – The Burning Bush

A few days ago, I met up with one of my lifelong friends for lunch to catch up on life and to talk about future plans. The conversation went well as usual and we were both excited about recent successes we both had the honor of experiencing. We then decided to grab a cup of coffee after lunch. While we were standing at the coffee station adding sugar and cream, a man suddenly walks up to strike a conversation with us; this is not uncommon at the Union Station in Washington DC. He was a pleasant man and seemed harmless. Both my friend and I were in a rush but decided to listen to what he had to say.

After several minutes and before we politely exited the conversation he said, “My brothers, don’t worry. Your time will come. Your success is inevitable if you stick with it. Don’t be frustrated and don’t give up, everything happens on its time.” As we walked away, I wondered if my friend felt the same way I did so I asked, “Did you hear what he said at the end?” My friend replied, “I sure did. That was God.” I knew then that I wasn’t alone in thinking this way.

If you believe that Moses received a message through a burning bush then surely you can believe that God can send messages through people, even complete strangers. You have to be extremely observant and pay attention to everything people say because there is a possibility that they are being used as a vessel to send a message that God intended for you to hear.

I want to pass on the message that this stranger passed on to me. As you read this, you may be in a state of frustration, tired, weary and even discouraged but I urge you to not give up. Your success is promised and you will have your day. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. At all times remain focused on your desired end results and believe that God’s timing is never off. Success is yours.

Pay attention to messages by the man upstairs sent through people who you may not even know. He speaks to us more often than you think. If you listen closely, you can hear His voice.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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