Morning Cup of Joe – Be Encouraged

I woke up this morning with a particular song on my heart. I first heard this beautiful song during my sophomore year in high school. After the first time I heard it I figured out that God was talking directly to me through the song’s message. It always made me feel good and helped me strengthen my belief that hope and faith is necessary if you are going to make it through any setback, trial or tribulation. The song that was on my heart is “Be Encouraged” by William Becton.

While the entire song has a poignant message, the chorus of the song is what truly stands out the most to me; “Be encouraged, no matter what’s going on. He’ll make it alright but you’ve got to stay strong.” Being forced into independence at an early age and growing up in a group home made it nearly impossible to be encouraged especially since I missed my parents and siblings so much. I would lie up at night thinking of ending my life because I felt like no one loved me and no one cared about me. At the time, I didn’t know why I had to experience these trials but now I understand that God’s plan was in full effect.

“Trials are just a test of your faith”; this is a powerful lyric to the song. Sometimes we experience turmoil to test the strength of our faith. You have to believe that God can and he will not disappoint you. At my lowest points in life, I would simply look up and call out to God and tell Him I trust Him. I survived homelessness, physical and emotional abuse, financial issues, loss of every kind; from possessions to people. I survived hunger, depression, poverty, abandonment and feeling unwanted. What I am most grateful for is the fact that just one of the serious issues I survived claimed the lives of so many.

My friend, today I want you to be encouraged no matter what’s going on. Your problems, no matter how big they may seem to you, will never be bigger than God’s ability to fix them. You are destined for greatness. Keep your head up, stay strong and remember forward progress only.

To The Top!
Joe Paul

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